Some of you know, I bake, as part of my weekly or sometimes monthly routine. I lean towards the sweet stuff, but on occasion can make a quiche. I also like to try gluten free or even strange combinations [like Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies!] In today’s post, I wanted to feature someone who can do it all, Allison Galentine. She previously worked at Caviar and Bananas, but is now at Charleston Bakery. I first met Allison, at a CupcakeCamp Charleston event through my sister Heather [who organizes CupcakeCamp Charleston and Summerville].  The following “Camps”, Allison kept winning. We’ve had four CupcakeCamp Charleston events and two Summerville ones. She’s placed in almost all of them, because in one of them, she was a judge! Mind you, every year, is a different panel of judges. All these random judges have loved what she’s done. It was after one of the first Camps, Heather [wisely] remained in contact with Allison in order to place orders from her. She specializes in all sorts of pastries: birthday cakes, birthday cupcakes, 10-year work reunion cupcakes (Heather surprised me with Red Velvet ones!), pies, themed desserts, etc.]. Because of my love for baked goods and recognizing and uplifting talent when I experience it, I decided to feature her in today’s blog. I want to recognize Allison’s creativity, work ethic and talent behind her delicious concoctions. Below are some questions I asked her, as well as some photos of what she has created. When did you discover your knack for baking? In high school I took vocational classes (leave campus to learn a trade), and I decided to take culinary arts. During the semester my teacher had us enter us either a savory or sweet category for a cooking contest at the fair. I made a simple 3 layer, chocolate cherry cake and when I brought it into class my classmates and teacher were impressed. So anyhow, entered into the fair and actually won first place! I couldn’t believe it, it was my first cake I attempted to assemble and bake on my own and I won. How did you decide to go into the culinary arts field? I always teeter tottered between being a vet or a chef, as strange as that is save animals or cook animals. However, I always helped my mom out cook dinner for the family and did not mind doing it at all. After my vocational classes in high school, I just knew that culinary arts was my calling. How do you stay creative in your field? I like to go to other bakeries and read cook books, see what other...

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Design Resources CHS – local

Posted By on Nov 20, 2013

Tonight’s post is about local design resources that I wanted to share. Since I live just outside of Charleston, SC, everything below is within proximity. Tomorrow’s post will about global resources. Thanks for reading! RefreshCHS – is a local quarterly meetup organized by Karl Philips. BarcampCHS – the annual fUNconference of the year Dig South – another annual weekend conference, in the similar vein of SXSW. Ted X Charleston – similar to TEDX. Charleston Digital Corridor – is a “a combination of technology-enabled initiatives and business incentives, private business support and member-driven programming” Charleston Flagship – premier co-working facilities, one of the resources of CDC [Charleston Digital Corridor] Charleston AMA – American Marketing Association, local chapter AIGA SC – closest meetup is...

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