All Apologies

Posted By on Jun 25, 2018

Sorry for the 2 year absence – so much has happened. Death in the family, loss of family, and a change in jobs. However, through it all, I am still enjoying life in California. I hope to post more often – at least once a quarter, or whatever I feel less anxious about. It’s odd and strange, how death makes you realize how life is too short. I’m hoping we are all living our best life, now.

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Prezi Portfolio

Posted By on Apr 13, 2016

Earlier, I had a slight heart/panic attack when my website, came back with a “508 Resource Limit Is Reached”. Thankfully my web host Vagrant Web, came through. In the few hours my website was down,  this did push me to create a Prezi portfolio presentation as back up. Visit here, to see it. This “exercise” did force me to condense what my favorites pieces are too. Thanks adversity [I say sarcastically and...

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I completely forgot to write yesterday – again! Second time to fail in a 30-day challenge. So, today I’m going to write TWO posts to again make up for the missed deadline! At least it’s giving me today’s topic of starting challenges and not finishing them completely or IN time. And since I’m all about convenience, I will break this up into two parts to make up for the loss. For some reason the Lizard...

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