Welcome to Hazelbasil.com, the graphic design site of Hazel Rider. She has over 17 years of experience in graphic design and 10+ years in web design and photography. She has been fortunate to work in several different industries that have ranged from publishing, movies, music and small businesses. To download her resume, click here. For a complete LinkedIn profile, click here.

Hazel’s design career started with Arcadia Publishing, in the production department, by scanning photography, color editing, and restoring vintage photography. While there, she also initiated the company’s first website. She then decided to head out west to California. She landed at New Line Cinema [think Se7en, Friday, Lord of the Rings] where she experienced Hollywood, in all it’s glamour. As Hollywood movies go, some jobs come to an end. After a powerful merger [AOL & Time & Warner Brothers], her position became duplicated and obsolete. She moved back to the east coast and found a “musical” career with MBT International/KMCMusic. She was immersed in producing 900+ page catalogs, sale flyers, managing brand websites, and producing email campaigns. After 11 and a half years, Fender (yes, those guitars), who bought KMCMusic, decided to close the Charleston, SC office. She briefly took up a contract job with CreateSpace, where she finalized digital files and proofing printed samples from various publishers through Amazon’s “Print On Demand” process. As soon as that contracted ended, Hazel found herself freelancing again for several small business owners. Hazel was given a referral from an amazing colleague and friend (Catherine Polk), and was employed full-time at the Medical University of South Carolina, at the College of Health Professions, as their Multimedia Communications Manager, where she handled website management for the College of Health Professions, graphic design projects, social media and photography for almost two years.
As 2016 begins, so does a new chapter for Hazel Rider. This March, she has relocated to Los Angeles, California, to transition back into the west coast life!

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