Why I Volunteer

Posted By hazelbasil on Nov 17, 2013 | 1 comment

My sister and I volunteer for events that we enjoy. I have to give my sister credit, because she’s the one who always does the research and then convinces me [drags my butt] to do it. But, why do we do it? I wanted to reflect on this today and came up with these reasons:

  1. We believe in the cause – whether they’re marathons [Charleston’s only marathon, (the first and third)] or for growth [BarcampCHS 2 consecutive years now]
  2. We get to meet new people
  3. We learn something new about ourselves and about people
  4. We learn something new about ourselves – how organized [or grumpy] we are in the morning
  5. We learn something new about other people [who is/isn’t a morning person]
  6. We get outside of our comfort zone
  7. We see what we are made of in these situations
  8. We get to experience what other pepople are made of too [marathons – especially!]
  9. We experience first hand that it is better to give than to receive
  10. We try to enjoy the experience, no matter what

While there are several other charities to support, below are a handful of local and global opportunities that I’ve personally been involved in, by donating my time or money].

How about you, what do you for giving back to your community or online community? If you can’t volunteer your time, consider donating some money [but only if you plan it in your budget].