Crazy Cool Christmas Gifts Part 1

Posted By on Nov 26, 2013

Here’s some bizarre Christmas gifts I’ve compiled, for you eclectic folks, from some of my favorite sites [ThinkGeek, Uncommon Goods, Fast Company, Dodeline, Whispering Willow, Moma]: 1. Fried Chicken Candles 2. Kinetic Light Newton’s Cradle 3. Whispeing Willow Flax Pillows 4. DIY Lip Balm Kit 5. Andy Warhol magnet set 6. Bacon Soap 7. Rewined Candles – local wine flavored candles, made in recycled wine...

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Christmas Budget

Posted By on Nov 16, 2013

I know most of you have started your lists already, but have put the actual numbers next to the name? Avoid overspending this season, as there is enough stress to it already. Don’t add to it (pun intended). Here are some quick tips to evaluate as you start your budget, as well as some tricks to stay under your budget. Use the Excel template that has a household monthly budget with percentage allocations. It’s good to see...

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