Crazy Cool Christmas Gifts Part 2

Posted By hazelbasil on Nov 26, 2013 | 0 comments

As promised from yesterday’s post, here are 10 more crazy cool Christmas gifts!
1. Camera Lens Mug – great for photographers or photography aficionados. Ok, maybe not…just be careful with your caffeine canisters.
2. Wifi Detector T-shirt – maybe someday soon, wifi will be everywhere and you won’t need a t-shirt to detect it for you.
3. Dymo Plug ‘n Play – great for organized folks who love to label everything, but want to create their own designs. This is one of the more budget conscious ones.
4. Tetris cutter – sandwiches or cookies!
5. Porn for Women – it’s not what you think, go ahead, click on the link…
6. Be Seedy At Least Once A Month – a kit for different flowers for each month
7. DIY Build Your Own 35 mm Camera  – going back to your analog roots
8. FREE Vintage Posters – can’t go wrong with classics
9. 5 Finger Touch Gloves – for ALL of your 10 fingers! Unless you have more or less, like my friend Jeremy, who really does have 9 fingers. Hope you’re well Jeremy! Miss ya, here’s my shout out to ya! 🙂
10. Stunner of the Month – keep losing your shades/sunglasses? Or trying to catch up to Elton John? This is a great monthly gift of shades for only $9/month!