The Graphic Design Rules You Were Never Taught At School [funny poke at clients]

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From Kaplang‘s blog
The Graphic Design Rules You Were Never Taught At School

1. If you show a client three different concepts, they will choose the one you dislike the most.

2. Your printer will always break down when you have an urgent printing task.

3. Your client will always be able to find a spelling mistake

4. If you show your first concept to your client, they will always request a completely different one, then another, then maybe another, and then they will settle on the first concept you had originally designed in the first place.

5. If you have two versions of your design, the wrong one will make it to the printer.

6. Your computer will always crash at least an hour in to your current working task or seconds before you hit the save button.

7 If your client doesn’t like your design work, never expect a reason why because they will never have one.

8. When a client asks you for a Website, always expect it to end up with more pages than they had originally requested.

9. Beware and approach with caution if a client knows exactly what they want, they are always the worst.

10. Your client knows more about graphic design than you do.

11. Your computer will always run extremely slow when you have a deadline approaching.

12. If your client ever gives you the wrong size for an advert design, it will always be too small and never too large.

13. A client will never be able to understand why they are unable to open your design source files, and will accuse you of sending them a computer virus.

14. Your best and most unique idea already exists.

15. If you love it, your client will want to change it.

16. Content for your clients Website will always be sent as a jpg

17. images/photos you are requested to include in a clients design will either be sent in word or PowerPoint.

18. Beware, if you complete a project within the deadline, your client will expect a discount.

19. Always add one extra week on to any project, this gives your client time to complain and change their mind over and over again.

20. You will never be able to find a stock image or photo to match what you have in your mind.

Golden Rule – The client is always right…and some of the time they actually are.

I am sure there are many more which can be added to this list, so please feel free to add your own by replying to this post.

Happy New Year from all of us at Kaplang.