All Apologies

Posted By on Jun 25, 2018

Sorry for the 2 year absence – so much has happened. Death in the family, loss of family, and a change in jobs. However, through it all, I am still enjoying life in California. I hope to post more often – at least once a quarter, or whatever I feel less anxious about. It’s odd and strange, how death makes you realize how life is too short. I’m hoping we are all living our best life, now.

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I stumbled across Instagram’s post yesterday – and was immediately drawn to it. This multi-faceted artist (who is also a baker, designer and photographer) encompasses creepy and creative, in her baked goodies and stages her photo shoots in retro-inspired settings! All my favorites! Her name is Christine H. McConnell. Of course I did some research and found out she lives in Twin Peaks, California. If she doesn’t...

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