Posts made in April, 2016

Yesterday I met a Meetup group that was taking photos in the Fashion District in L.A. Here are some photos I took. Loved this lady’s style and the fact that we were on 11th street, with 11 seconds left on the crosswalk sign. Legs Sock and sandals in the fashion district: to each his own. I don’t know if Jordan would approve though. My spouse and my nickname to each other. It stands for… If you have pink skin, you can...

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Prezi Portfolio

Posted By on Apr 13, 2016

Earlier, I had a slight heart/panic attack when my website, came back with a “508 Resource Limit Is Reached”. Thankfully my web host Vagrant Web, came through. In the few hours my website was down,  this did push me to create a Prezi portfolio presentation as back up. Visit here, to see it. This “exercise” did force me to condense what my favorites pieces are too. Thanks adversity [I say sarcastically and...

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