California Dreaming and Living

Posted By hazelbasil on Mar 22, 2016 | 0 comments

handmade card, dream more

Dream More, a handmade card I made from an old Hollywood Life book

My husband and I have recently moved to Los Angeles because dreams change sometimes. The last few weeks have been an amazing blur. We uprooted from family and friends and moved from just outside of Charleston, South Carolina. I would say Summerville but most people have heard of Charleston. I’ve always thought that if you basically fold the U.S. map in half, that they’re just the same location. However they are definitely  polar opposites. Charleston is a wonderful place to live but it wasn’t where we can live out our dream. Disclaimer: I’m being vague about the dream because not everyone needs to know about it just yet.

Our plan has been a few years in the making and life happened along the way (lay off, car accidents, etc.). Challenges and blessings happen. However, it’s all a part of this dream. All I want say for now is, make sure you are living out your dream, as creatively, resourcefully and responsibly as you can.

 Thanks for reading and Dream More!