Count Your Curses! Ok…Blessings

Posted By hazelbasil on Dec 6, 2013 | 2 comments

Some would say this has been the worst year ever for me. I was still wincing from the previous year’s lay off, took an income reduction [obviously], and gained some weight. But instead of wallowing in self-pity, denial or negativity, I’m going to take the high road and counteract each ‘curse’ with a blessing and believe instead, that it’s been the best year ever!

  1. I was laid off in November 2012, but this year, I have had a handful of freelance experiences. I’ve learned a lot about freelancing and how to work with other people.
  2. I gained 20 lbs., but I joined a gym and have managed to maintain the gain with a better attitude [because we can actually afford the gym and I actually like going]. I may not be as thinner as last year, but at least I can still jog a 5K!
  3. Our income was drastically reduced, but being focused and disciplined [mostly] has amazingly jump started our savings! It’s “funny” how a crisis kicks your perspective in gear! Alright, not really “funny”.  However, being debt free has helped [we highly encourage it; so does this guy and his team.]!
  4. We finally got a new computer for me to do freelance work; in fact being laid off helped me get it (severance).
  5. I’ve been stressed and ridden with anxiety, but I’ve learned how to breathe, stretch and pray more. Still learning how to “let go” though.
  6. Our first[born] dog, Mid-Knight is 16 years old and she’s slowly deteriorating, but we got another dog recently, Barda. M  has been a little more lively because of B’s energy. M’s still alive and we’re enjoying her while we can!
  7. Both cars are on their last legs, but we were able to pay for their major repairs and they’re still running!

How about you? What have been the low/high points of this year?