Thankful For…Part 2

Posted By hazelbasil on Nov 28, 2013 | 0 comments

Here’s the rest of what I’m thankful for below [continued from part 1]. Obviously, this is just a snapshot of a never ending list.

  1. The freedoms [to vote, choose health care, etc.] that this country has
  2. Our military, armed forces, police, firemen, and all the people that are involved in protecting and uplifting our great nation
  3. The choice that my dad made to join the U.S. Navy [go Navy!] because he brought my family to the U.S.
  4. Modern technology; I love the era we live in
  5. My health – even though it’s not perfect (because of my eating!), I’m alive and kicking
  6. Being married; I am blessed to have an amazing husband
  7. The desire, practice and ability of baking, cooking, designing, creating and crafarting!
  8. Pop Culture: Star Trek, DC comics, Sherlock BBC, Jane Austen, Chinese, Korean and Japanese romantic comedies, action films with great stories, sci fi tv and films, films with realistic plots/stories, zombie tv and films, James Bond films [Sean & Daniel], Joss Whedon, Marvel films, Thrilling Adventure Hour, Mew, Cocteau Twins, the Autumns, Starflyer 59.
  9. Jesus, who continues to show me grace, love, mercy, peace, patience

Happy Thanksgiving All!