Trivial Pursuits and Forgetfulness

Posted By hazelbasil on Nov 7, 2013 | 0 comments

So I completely forgot to post yesterday and will just have to post twice today. Last night was trivia night at a local place called Montreaux’s Bar & Grill. In lieu of trivia, here are some random personal trivia about me…

  • I’ve a twin sister
  • I can’t do cartwheels like my twin
  • I’m Filipino and I don’t speak Tagalog (but I sure do recognize it)
  • I have a ginger husband who is 1/8th  Filipino and Chinese but didn’t know that til after we started dating
  • I used to play flute, guitar and bass guitar
  • I didn’t start drinking coffee til I was 22
  • I didn’t have an alcoholic drink until 26 [what can I say, late bloomer?].
  • I lived in Sicily for 3 years (dad was  in the military – Go Navy!)
  • I’m a Star Trek fan [all of them, in particular order of discovery: DS9, TNG, TOS, VOY, ENT]
  • I do not plan on having kids [if God does, I hope he makes that apparent to us soon]
  • I play tennis and soccer with mediocrity
  • I play foosball superiorly
  • I’ve finished 2 half marathons [which unfortunately do not equate to a marathon]

That’s all for now!