CupcakeCamp Charleston

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CupcakeCamp Charleston

CupcakeCamp Charleston Flyer

I forgot to upload the poster that I worked on for this year’s CupcakeCamp Charleston. It’s this Sunday, November 10th from 3 to 5 pm, at the Alley, 130 Columbus Street, Charleston, SC. It’s a FREE foodie event and all monetary donations will go to this year’s selected charity: South Carolina Advocate Program. We actually had a few more sponsors that aren’t featured here, but they are at CupcakeCamp‘s Sponsors page.

For the design, I decided to go with an actual bowling cupcake that I found from these awesome bakers, Pink Cake Box from Denville, New Jersey. I wanted to keep the focus on the cupcake, so I found a free vintage illustration of a female bowler [of course] illustrated in black and white. I wanted to keep the font vintage too, and used good ol’ Courier [hey, at least it wasn’t Papyrus or Comic Sans!].

Since I’m a sponsor this year [3+ years running], I decided to go with an actual theme this year. I am baking “Star Trek” cupcakes. I’m not a fondant fan [taste or creation], so I decided to buy a Star Trek ice cube tray from ThinkGeek to make dark chocolate toppers. These Star Trek chocolate toppers will be placed over Vanilla, Nutella or Buttercream frosting. Time permitting, I will try to incorporate TNG [that’s The Next Generation, for you non-Trekkies], TOS [The Original Series] or VOY [Voyager] paper toppers [that I will design with (hopefully) fun catch phrases].  I will definitely be posting pics on my Twitter feed and on here as well.

For those of you local CHS folks, I hope to see you this Sunday! Please keep in mind that the Alley does not have a very big parking lot. And, even though parking is free on Sundays, remember it’s still downtown Charleston and it can be limited. However, the Post and Courier are gracious enough to let the Alley use their parking lot, which is conveniently across the street from each other.