Star Trek We Love Fine T-Shirt Contest

Posted By hazelbasil on Aug 14, 2013 | 0 comments

A few weeks ago, I was looking for t-shirts for my Star Trek collection. Ok, so I really only have one. It has a white Star Trek logo, on a greyish blue shirt. As I was searching, Google came up with’s site. I recall seeing this t-shirt last year by Juan Ortiz and loving it!

However, I then noticed WLF were hosting another contest and decided to enter it too. Granted, I did just throw these together. I admit, they are NOT that strong in design. In fact, if I had made more effort and actually SCHEDULED more time, I believe I would’ve come up with something better. The contest allowed for 5 submissions, but,  my time management skills outputted only 2. As Seth Godin says, SHIP IT. So I did. Here they are below. Voting doesn’t start until next week.

For both of these shirts, I wanted to go the less travelled path for Star Trek. I know I was pigeon holing myself with just certain characters, but I didn’t want an overly complicated t-shirt with too many characters. Plus, Data as Sherlock and Worf as a Merry Man combinations were overly used. I decided to use Picard as Dixon Hill for The Next Generation / Enterprise shirt and Janeway as Arachnia for the Voyager / Coffee shirt. The quotes and images used were also from the respective episodes.