Submit your Valentine redesigns! Design Challenge by Studio 360

Posted By hazelbasil on Feb 3, 2010 | 0 comments

Click on this link or read below for more details:

About Be My Valentine: A Studio 360 Design Challenge

February 14th is a day that lives in infamy — for some of us, at least. It has evolved into something to dread, not love. Valentine’s Day is loaded with pressure and stuck in an aesthetic rut: The Hearts. The Everything Red. The Chocolates. The Roses. We think Valentine’s Day needs makeover and we want your help.

Submit your Valentine redesigns here and we’ll present your best ideas, along with an expert opinion, on our show which airs the weekend of February 13.

Submissions posted before midnight Sunday, February 7 will be eligible for mention on the show. But we’d like to see your ideas anytime — feel free to keep posting!

Join the flickr group to see all of the submissions.